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Who we Are.

Our work is everywhere,  chances are if you've watched TV in eastern NC the last 5 years you have seen our work.  We partner with clients and agencies to create marketing strategies, produce content, and educate our clients on how and where to place it.  We are not an agency.  We are a group of passionate and very talented individuals that produce nothing short of excellence for our clients.   We understand that their success is our success.  The moment we begin work with our clients we become a whole hearted part of their team.   Our projects don't stop with TV.  We have and continue to produce content for Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Promotional videos for Universities, Corporations, and Businesses all across The United States.  Our portfolio is diverse and we have experience in multiple categories of business.  To learn more about who we are take a look our work and feel free to contact us about more information.


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This is where we would normally put all of our accreditations, logos of current and past clients etc.  But, you don't care about that. You care about results and having the best product to increase your business.  If you want us to name drop who our clients are and who we've worked with then give us a call.  We have worked with and currently work with both large and small businesses to create a custom marketing product for your needs.  We stay current with marketing trends which keeps us from becoming Dinosaurs in todays marketing world.  To be successful, you have to adapt to the ever changing marketing landscape and have the creative ideas to get you results.  This often comes with being uncomfortable.  We love to be uncomfortable.  :)