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Josh founded TriWork Studios in 2010 after identifying a need for professionally produced commercials in the eastern North Carolina market. Combining his passion of telling stories with a love of helping businesses succeed, the TriWork Studio’s philosophy was born. The TriWorks trifecta brings together the disciplines of photography, videography, and marketing. Using cinematic tools normally reserved for large production companies, Josh has produced, filmed, edited, and placed commercial spots and video with agencies across the country.  Josh and received awards for commercials and promotional videos produced.  Through it all, he is most proud of his work with members of our military through projects with Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament as well as “The Home of the Brave,” a television series that tells the story of North Carolina’s military history through interviews with four star generals. Josh believes in the power of video production to captivate an audience, deliver a message, and build a brand. He loves everything about the process – from brainstorming to filming to editing and sharing. Most of all, he believes in quality. Quality content that both he and his customers can be proud of.   

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